Self Serve Business Accounts

An account for every business

Our online booking tools help simplify the booking process and save money for any business in the UK or Europe. Compare and book all tickets, get visibility and insights, and allow employees to easily manage their travel in real-time. Join for free, it takes 30 seconds.

Enterprise Account (UK + Europe)

Big spend? Real advantages

If your business spends £1 million or more on rail travel annually, a Trainline Enterprise Account could be right for you. It's a fully managed solution which offers several benefits to your travel, finance and procurement teams.

UK Charity Solutions

Helping charity go further

We’re proud to help registered UK charities save money on train travel. We can offer you all the benefits of a business account at a special discount.

Rail is good for business

11 reasons to choose the train for your next business trip


  • Stay connected as you travel with free Wi-Fi on selected services
  • Keep your devices charged-up with power points
  • Enjoy more room to work with less interruptions


  • More sustainable than cars or planes, helping you meet CO2 reduction targets


  • Avoid traffic and cover short distances often faster than in a car
  • Most train stations are closer to city centres or airports, saving travel time
  • No domestic airport security checks. Crossing borders? Security is quick and efficient
  • Avoid 4am airport check ins by choosing overnight sleeper car journeys


  • Seats are wider and have more legroom, making it easier to work or rest
  • Less hassle with airport luggage limits and weight restrictions
  • More sociable travel and more options to move around (currently restricted due to COVID-19)

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